Unique Chicago Work Spaces: Vintage Property Manager Chooses Historic Universal Building Office Lofts

Vintage residential properties may be common in Chicago, yet the skill and knowledge required to manage them is highly specialized. This is what makes new Universal Building Office Lofts tenant Prairie Shores Property Management LLC so unique: it is the only property management practice in Chicago that exclusively works with vintage properties.

Prairie Shores ManagementCurrently, the firm manages more than 100 different condo and town home associations in the Chicago area, as well as a vintage property in the St. Louis area. Its services provide concierge style property management to homeowner associations, providing everything from complete building financial services and maintenance to assistance with preservation tax benefits and sales and refinances.

Prairie Shores Property Management LLC’s expertise in vintage properties has helped it develop relationships with the best contractors and vendors that specialize in these buildings, allowing the firm to pass discounted pricing to its property owners.

Richard Holtzman, president, cites the mission of historical preservation as the reason he has decided to work exclusively with vintage properties.

“I think historical buildings are a part of our heritage,” said Holtzman. “It is important that we do what we can to maintain them and keep them functioning. When I think of all of the beautiful buildings that are lost to Chicago, it is a real shame.”

Thanks to Holtzman and his work at Prairie Shores Property Management LLC, he not only preserves these older buildings, but he has helped save some from the wrecking ball. He has personally helped put six buildings in Chicago on the National Register of Historic Places.

Prairie Shores Management DesksManaging buildings on the national register takes a higher level of expertise, as any changes or restoration projects require an approval process at the state and federal level.

“To work with these buildings, you have to know how to navigate the approval process,” said Holtzman. “Fortunately, we have the experience and are very good at it.”

When looking for new office space earlier this year, Holtzman wanted to find a location that fit with his firm’s principles of preservation. The Universal Building, near Chicago’s West Town area, stood out right away, as the historic loft office building is a prime example of quality vintage property.

“A company that focuses on vintage buildings should office in a vintage building,” said Holtzman. “The history that this building comes with is of particular interest to me. I have high regard for the past. That is what preservation is all about. I was immediately impressed with the story of what went into making the historic Chicago building what it is today. Ownership has done a terrific job restoring and managing the building,”

The antique stoves on display at the Universal Building also caught Holtzman’s eye when he initially toured the property. He expressed his appreciation to ownership and they offered him a unique gift when Prairie Shores Property Management LLC moved in.

“They put one of the restored stoves in our offices, because we liked them,” said Holtzman. “We thought that was a very nice touch.”

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