Location, Loading Docks, Secure Storage, and Large Office Loft Space Are Just What the Doctor Ordered for MedSource USA

medSource LLCIn 1996, Craig Lissner and Eric Rohde partnered to form MedSource LLC, a leading provider of non-invasive specialty medical products for orthopedics, physical therapy, and general rehabilitation.

Their combined experience, Lissner came from a durable medical equipment and insurance billing background and Rohde from general medical distribution, was just what was needed to launch a company that would grow to have offices in six states and work with several hundred medical groups and rehabilitation providers.

Patients recovering from surgeries or procedures often require rehabilitation equipment, such as braces or hot/cold therapy devices. MedSource is the firm that provides all of the logistics to connect them with what they need. By working directly with physician groups and medical manufacturers, MedSource handles all of the prescriptions, equipment delivery and billing required in the process.

“We provide all of the logistics for the physician groups and their patients,” said Lissner. “We will deliver all of the equipment directly to rehabilitation facilities and we will work with insurance providers for billing purposes.”

In Chicago alone, the firm works with hundreds of medical providers and is constantly ordering and distributing new products. When Lissner was looking for office space six years ago in Chicago, he knew he needed space that could address a very specific set of needs.

“We needed a building that could offer us loading docks with direct access to our office,” said Lissner. “That was essential for us and the Universal Building was able to provide it. We constantly get deliveries of new equipment that we have to store in our offices or immediately turn and ship out.”

Lissner pointed out that the high ceilings of the West Town loft offices at The Universal Building were also very beneficial to the firm. The open office layout allows MedSource to have tall shelves for stacking and storing equipment. MedSource also is allowed to use extra space in the Universal Building’s basement for order overflow.

The equipment itself is often very expensive, prompting a need for a secure location. Lissner said that the gated parking and security measures at the Universal Building were very important to the firm, as employees will often have equipment stored in their cars throughout the day.

While all of these benefits were important to Lissner and his firm’s operations, it was the building’s location that caught his attention initially.

“We have so many shipments coming in and out of here, that we needed a place that was centrally located to the highway system,” said Lissner.

The Universal Building provides exceptionally easy access to I-90/94 and I-290, allowing for quick delivery north, south, east and west, he said.

“The healthcare market has incredible potential right now as our country’s demographics are trending toward an aging population,” said Lissner. “With our services, we are poised for excellent growth. This building and location meets all of our needs to continue to build our presence in the Chicago market.”

For more information about office lofts for lease in the Universal Building located near West Town Chicago, please call Catherine Caravette at 773.342.2020.


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