Hispanic Housing Development Corporation at Home in Historic Chicago Loft Office Space

Bringing value to neighborhoods and providing quality living and working conditions for thousands of Chicago area residents is the core mission of the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation.

Since 1975, the nonprofit organization group has been providing new housing and employment opportunities to Latino communities and surrounding neighborhoods, greatly improving their socio-economic outlook.

A division of the HHDC also provides maintenance and property management services to rental homes that it owns and for outside organizations as well. The organization’s  office at the Universal Building Office Lofts in Chicago, a tenant since 2009, is responsible for managing portfolios for the Chicago Housing Authority.

As the managing agent for the CHA’s northwest and north central rental portfolios, the HHDC at the Universal Building is responsible for 1,100 apartments divided among 405 buildings in 12 Chicago neighborhoods. Management of these properties can be quite a task.

“We typically do between 300-340 maintenance calls a week,” said Steve Kashin, facilities manager for HHDC. “However, 70 percent of our portfolio is located in the surrounding Humboldt Park and West Town neighborhoods, making our current office location ideal.”

Working with Kashin at the Chicago location at 700 N. Sacramento is an office staff of eight and a maintenance staff of 32, many of whom are bilingual. The Universal Building acts as a home base for the maintenance staff, who shuttle in-and-out of the building to service the thousands of tenants in its portfolio. The team is very self-sufficient and can handle the majority of maintenance issues on its own.

Hispanic Housing Development Corporation Benefits from Location of Historic Loft Office Space“We contract out very little of our services,” said Kashin. “We do painting, furnace and sewage work, electrical repairs, and minor concrete work. We also spearhead capital funded projects like roofing, fencing or major concrete work.”

One of the main appeals of the Universal Building Office Lofts for the HHDC is the ample gated parking that the facility provides. To accomplish its work, the HHDC needs multiple trucks and service vehicles. When the day is complete, the maintenance technicians can park their vehicles in the Universal Building’s gated parking lot for overnight storage.

“It’s great that we have parking for the office staff during the day and gated parking for our maintenance vehicles for after-hours,” said Kashin.

Kashin has also been impressed with the overall upkeep and appearance of the Universal Building.

“The building is awesome,” said Kashin. “I’m a big fan of quality structures and this building has one of the best I’ve seen. I also love the history that is on display throughout the building. The management team and head engineer have always been good to us and quick to respond to our needs.”

For more information about leasing office lofts in The Universal Building in Chicago, please call 773.342.2020


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