The Universal Building: CTI Collection Services’ Chicago Office Space Location Pays Off

If you have ever tried to dodge a parking ticket in the City of Chicago, there is a good chance that you received a call from Mr. Bill Leggett.

Leggett is the owner and president  CTI Collection Services, located in the  Universal Building near Chicago’s West Town area.  Founded in 1996, the firm is one of three collection agencies contracted to work with the City of Chicago.

Each year, Leggett estimates that his firm processes tens of thousands parking fines from the City of Chicago.

As Leggett points out, a lot of people try and skimp on parking tickets, but technically, those fines never go away.

“There are no statues of limitations on a fine,” said Leggett. “After about five-to-seven years, you can get out of your debt. Fines though, those will follow you forever.”

Leggett and his team of 16 employees are the ones who will do the following. The way the process works is like this: If a parking fine is not paid within a year, the City of Chicago will then pass on the case to CTI. Representatives at CTI will then try and track down the delinquent party and attempt to recover the fine. If the fine is substantial, CTI will set up a payment plan with the party, on which they will tack on a percentage of interest.

Most fines are only a few hundred dollars by the time they get to CTI and many parties pay up once they get a phone call. However, Leggett said that he has seen total fines reach as high as $25,000.

The toughest people to find are the parties that have moved out of the area.

“Chicago is a very transient city,” said Leggett. “The majority of people who have not paid their fines have moved from the area. We find a lot of them though and we let them know that the fines have not gone away.”

Leggett said that if CTI is able to locate a delinquent party, but they still refuse to pay, the city of Chicago may take the steps to boot their vehicle, suspend the person’s driver’s license, offset their state income taxes, or, even sue the individual.

Overall, the company’s collection recovery rate is very good. Leggett credits the firm’s success to his veteran staff. Leggett typically employs those who have had trouble finding jobs or have been chronically underemployed. He takes them on and trains them, dispensing the knowledge that he has accumulated from his 30 years in the collection business. His dedication to his employees has paid off.

“The majority of my staff has been with me seven-to-eight years, which is a long time for the call center business,” he said. “They are very loyal and they do their job well.”

CTI moved to its loft office space at the Universal Building three years ago. Another tenant was downsizing and left behind the infrastructure for a call center, making it a turnkey move for CTI. Since then, the loft office space and the location has been a great fit for CTI.

“It’s perfect for us,” said Leggett. “The loft office space is beautiful. Everyone from the management personnel all the way up to the owner is very accommodating. They are always working on the building and they go above and beyond when you need them.”

The location of the Chicago loft office building has also been very beneficial to CTI. Leggett estimates that 80 percent of his staff lives within a five mile radius of the building.

And while the proximity to downtown is very nice, only a 10-minute drive by Leggett’s estimation, it’s nice that he and his employees don’t have to deal with a lot of inconveniences that can come with working downtown.

“There is plenty of parking at the Universal building,” he said. “We don’t have to worry about parking meters. Parking tickets can be a real hassle.”

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